#define {repeat loop}

the sky on cold lords over us
and your intent is obvious
previous, next
foreground, back
it’s all the same to you

am I some demon with orange eyes
or are you so frightened
of yourself inside
that you need to
drown me in your mind

go ahead define me
stuff me in a frame
stuff me inside some crazy idea
of how someone else is to blame

my presence is not required to lose
because the demons you project onto me
are the ones inside of you

we’re just landmarks in your life
pretty little icons for your
narcissistic supply
click: we’re all the same
so go ahead, abuse

whether you do it
with flowers or fists
whether you do it
with insults or compliments
it’s all the same to you

since it’s all the same I’ll go
you can find someone new to control
get a new source of narcissistic supply
someone new to demonize

because after all this time
you still have no idea who I am
it’s all the same to you
we’re all the same to you
{repeat loop}

@ 2013 Seven Bowie

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