What Makes Narcissists Tick – Understanding NPD

This is an online book which is in Adobe PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it.

It probably goes without saying that most abusers are either Narcissists or at least have a LOT of narcissistic tendencies and behaviors, most prominent being their lack of EMPATHY, combined with a sense of ENTITLEMENT and SUPERIORITY.  Therefore, learning about and understanding NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) can be helpful to victims of abuse. In that spirit, I offer this book for those interested so that they can learn more about what type of attitudes are likely behind their abuser’s behaviors.

ANOTHER great resource about NPD is the book Malignant Self-Love by Sam Vaknin – who is himself afflicted with NPD. From an insiders perspective – from one who has been diagnosed with this disorder, he writes in stunning detail about the thought processes, attitudes and tactics of the Narcissist. Sam Vaknin’s book can be very useful in educating victims of abuse about about their abuser’s behaviors and the attitudes behind it.

The abuser feels ENTITLED. The victim feels GUILTY” (not a quote from the book but it does sum up the problem nicely)

Sam Vaknin has put a LOT of what is in this book online at the following links. If you can’t afford the book, then do yourself a favor and visit the following links!


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