From http://groups.msn.com/PSYCHOPATH

At one time you felt great love and passion for this man, and there is some part of you that WISHES he wasn’t what you know him to be, WISHES it wasn’t all true, that it didn’t happen the way it did, and that you could GET BACK that guy you thought he was. I was always tempted to think maybe this is some sort of aberration, something going on in his life, stress, mental illness, and that the OTHER GUY, the one I fell in love with was the REAL HIM. I hated having to finally face the fact that I fell in love with a Jekyll and Hyde facade. It absolutely sucks.

“N-dipping is not sinful it just doesn’t go anywhere… except as NS. It is also very painful to let go of all the hopes and dreams.”

They just don’t change and the games become more cruel. The devaluation becomes worse and more painful every time we go back. That’s why I think some people think N-dipping is healing in a way, because you see the patterns repeating themselves. It won’t be too long before you are able to detach from him emotionally and one day you will look at his antics and thank God you are no longer one of his victims.”

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