Obsessional Politics

“I was damaged by a hit-and-run emotional rape with a radio shock jock. It may help your readers to know that emotional abuse can happen outside of a long-term relationship.” –Beverly Seinberg
_ _ _ _ _

What my activist friends don’t know
Is that I didn’t care about the ’04 election,
Not really, not passionately,
Until Janet Jackson:
The N!pple Shot Heard ‘Round the World.

War on terror?
War on Oedipus?
Thousands of lives lost for oil and a spoiled rich boy’s ego?
Of course I knew it was wrong.
Of course I was against it.

But none of that fueled my passion
Like the War on Free Speech,
the war on “t!ts” and “a$$hole” and “b!tch” and “b@st@rd” —
the war on you.
Because I believed in you.

I wouldn’t dream of marching
to save our young men’s and women’s lives
or save innocent Iraqi lives.
But when they came after you
And your right to spew your bile on the public airwaves,
that’s when I began to scream, “Bush has to go!”

Defender of peace?
Defender of life?
No, in 2004,
I was the defender of you.
Because you touched me
With your words,
With your hands,
With your eyes,
And I believed in you.

They called you ugly.
They called you mean.
They called you rude.
I called you brilliant
and misunderstood.

And you called me freak,
You called me stalker,
You called me pushy,
When you called me at all.
And all I wanted to understand
Was how could I be the pushy one
When you started pushing first?

I call you liar,
I call you player,
I call you evil.

I still scream, “Bush has to go!”
Because like you, he is a liar
Who has ruined lives.
But you no longer fuel my political passion.
The market has had its way with you,
and I rejoice.
Term limits will have their way with him,
and I rejoice
and sing out and speak up and who knows? I may even march
to bring a sane and peace-loving voice to the White House
two years from now.

As for your voice,
I’m not listening anymore.

–Beverly Seinberg – 20070226

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