MTV ad warning of the damage domestic verbal abuse can cause

Think verbal abuse isn’t as “bad” as physical abuse?  Think again. It can be worse. The emotional and psychological effects of VA can take MUCH longer to recover from than PA. When BOTH are present, it amounts to nothing less than domestic TERRORISM.  This is a video (click on the image below) you can share via Facebook or email with family, friends, counselors to help them understand what you may be (or might have been) going through when you were being verbally and emotionally abused by your partner.

2 thoughts on “MTV ad warning of the damage domestic verbal abuse can cause

  1. I thank you for sharing this video. The first time I played it I cried. It is exactly what I went through. I also showed my children, to help explain.

    I sent it onto friends and family, and was surprised that I only heard back from 1 person, who is a friend, and she also went through the same thing. Neither of us were ever physically hit, but verbally and emotionally tormented. I thought I would hear back from more people, but I guess to some, they just don’t want to look at that. Some in the past have said that I just should have stuck up for myself. I guess you really don’t know, until you’re in it, what it’s like.

  2. Ava, It’s darned hard to “stick up for yourself” when you are broadsided by verbal and emotional abuse from someone who supposedly loves or at least cares for you. Unless you know the tactics, unless you know how they operate, you cannot “stick up for yourself”. It’s like trying to hit a target in the pitch dark. The book “Verbal Abuse: How to Recognize it and How to Respond” by Patricia Evans was a turning point for me – it lit up the tactics – it illuminated what I was up against so I could defend myself.

    I didn’t even KNOW what I was dealing with – only that it HURT incessantly and that “something” was not right. How can you stick up for yourself if you don’t know what you’re fighting when they want to turn love into war in your relationship? They war verbal abusers need to be fighting is with themselves, but they externalize and project their own anger onto someone else and destroy that other person with it. And after all that – they are STILL angry and will move on to do the same to the next person because they never dealt with the problem at its source – in the MIRROR.

    People don’t understand if they’ve not “been there”. Verbal abuse is JUST as bad as physical abuse which is why I liked this video. It illustrates that. You really DON’T know, until you’re in it, what it’s like.

    It’s easy for people to judge from ignorance, but don’t let their ignorance be YOUR problem. Their ignorance is a “them” issue. Your problem is getting safely away from the toxic abuser and NOT keeping their secret for them any longer.

    Best wishes!

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