“Abusers almost always perceive themselves as victims and will present themselves as victims in therapy.”

Yes! He did just that! And to complete Steven Stosny’s sentence, which continues to describe my ex in therapy to a veritable tee:

They will make their wives sound like Norman Bates’ mother from Psycho — they’re just minding their own business, when she comes screaming out of nowhere wielding a bloody knife.

That’s exactly what he did. There is MUCH more to Mr. Stosny’s latest blog entry which I’ll write more about later, but this particular sentence literally *jumped* off the page at me because it so aptly described my ex in therapy.  Playing victim is one of an abuser’s best known tactics.

ALSO coming up soon:  Enabling, Authenticity, and Agency:  What are these things, and what do they mean to targets of abuse? (title may change but subject matter will essentially be the same).

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