New Resource for People-Pleasers

I while back, I wrote a detailed article about how being a “people-pleaser” may make you a target for abusers, other controlling people, or anyone seeking to take advantage of a person with the “Disease to Please”.

Susan Newman, a regular Psychology Today blogger, social psychologist and author, has a book out called The Book of NO: 250 Ways to Say It-and Mean It and Stop People-Pleasing Forever.

Susan says:

Saying NO as so many discover doesn’t turn you into an uncaring, selfish person. The word NO actually protects you, earns the respect of others, and frees you to be there for those you truly want to assist without allowing them to control you.

I haven’t read this book personally, but wanted to point it out for those who may be interested in learning to set healthier boundaries for themselves. If you’re a pushover for pleasing people at your own expense, it might be worth a look.

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